To round off our 150th anniversary year in style, we’ll be at the La Rochette Christmas market on Saturday 9 December, from 10am to 6pm with a stand in collaboration with La Neuve primary school, in front of the commemorative monument. 🎅 🌟

📅 On the programme, discover origami animations and drawings for children, highlighting our cartonboard. A selection of images from the photo exhibition held earlier in April/May will also be on show, along with the film about our 150th anniversary and a presentation of the art project carried out in partnership with the school.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!


On Thursday 16 November, we were at the Grenoble INP-Pagora Forum to present our company, our projects and our work-study opportunities.

Future engineers had the opportunity to discover :

◾ Our company its know-how for 150 years ;
◾ The career prospects open to them, illustrated by the testimonials of two of our directors in attendance, Quentin Haezebrouck, Director of Production and Elora Mourgues, Quality, Development and Customer Relations Director, both alumni of Pagora;
◾ Discuss job opportunities with us!

Thank you to Grenoble INP Pagora for hosting and organising this event, and to all the students who came in such large numbers! 😊

💬 “The back-pressure turbine installed at the La Rochette Cartonboard mill, which required an investment of 7.5 M”, is now fully operational […].” La Papeterie, N°387, October-November 2023

Thank you to La Papeterie magazine for this article about our new turbine designed to optimise our energy management and reduce our consumption. 🌍

To find out more about our sustainable development strategy, visit our website 👉


Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the jobsite dedicated to the installation of our new back-pressure turbine! 🎬

This turbine uses the steam generated by our biomass boiler to produce electrical energy to power our manufacturing process.

A project that required 10 months of installation, testing and €7.5 million of investment to reconcile competitiveness and environmental responsibility!

To find out more about our sustainable development strategy 👉

On Wednesday 25 October, we had the pleasure of welcoming and showing our company to 40 1st year engineering students and 4 accompanying from Grenoble INP-Pagora, an international school specialising in paper, printed communication and biomaterials.

The students were given a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacture of our virgin fibre-based packaging cartonboard, which is sustainable and recyclable by nature.

Our engineers, former Pagora students, supervised the visiting groups and gave a detailed presentation of our process.

💬 “This project is now operational after 10 months of installation and testing to generate its own decarbonated energy. As a result, the plant is controlling and reducing its energy consumption.” L’Info Papier N°131, October 2023

Thank you to L’Info Papier for this article about our new turbine, now operational, and our commitments to sustainable development. 🌍

To find out more about our sustainable development strategy, visit our website 👉

81% of our customers said they were satisfied with the quality of our products!✅

One of La Rochette Cartonboard’s main concerns is always to improve customer satisfaction.

This year, our partner -becoming, a specialist in satisfaction surveys, asked our customers for their opinion and perception of our quality of service.

The aim of our survey, called Rochvestigation, was to determine the satisfaction rate and gather information on our offer, the relationship with our sales team, ordering, delivery, complaints, our sustainable development approach and perceived image.

Thank you to our customers for taking the time to answer our questions, to our employees who work hard every day to achieve this level of satisfaction, and to -becoming for supporting us throughout this process!

To find out more about our markets and products, click HERE 👉 

💬 “The cedar sculpture marks 150 years and the unbreakable links between the town and the cardboard mills. A fusion between the company and the town” @Christophe Lloret Linares in Le Dauphiné Libéré, October 2023.

Thanks to Brigitte Mauraz of Le Dauphiné Libéré for this article on the inauguration of Le Cèdre, symbolising our territorial roots and our desire to celebrate France’s industrial heritage.

Read the article HERE 👉 Valgelon-La Rochette. Une sculpture pour symboliser les liens entre la Ville et les cartonneries (

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On Saturday 14 October, together with the Mayor of Valgelon La Rochette, David Ates, Deputy Mayor Jacky Donjon and our Managing Director, Christophe Lloret Linares, we had the pleasure of inaugurating the Cedar sculpture in the Place Albert-Rey.

Two sculptors, Frédéric Nobili and Jean Bergeron, worked on this project, bringing to life the raw wood that forms the structure of the work and symbolises the basic raw material of our cardboard. They also sculpted reels and sheets of cardboard, our finished product. The sculpture ends with the Château de La Rochette overlooking the town.

This work symbolises the ties that have united our company and the town for 150 years. It is a testament to our local roots and our commitment, as a corporate citizen, to enhancing the attractiveness of the Commune, while at the same time highlighting our French expertise and our history.

The history of the factory is inseparable from that of Valgelon-La Rochette. We are therefore keen to create opportunities for the general public to share in celebrating France’s industrial heritage.