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After presenting the Savoycoat in January, this month we’re spotlighting the Rochfreeze. ❄️

“Roch” refers to La Rochette, the place where it’s manufactured, in the heart of the Alps, while “Freeze” highlights its resistance to low temperatures and humidity! 🌡️

What are its characteristics?

✅ A folding boxboard (FBB) coated on one side with a wood backing.
✅ A reinforced-sizing treatment for a higher water resistance.
✅ Specially designed for application where moisture resistance is essential like frozen or chilled foods.
✅ Suitable for direct food contact.
✅ Has all requirements for a good quality of printing and varnishing.
✅ Suitable for inkjet and laser coding.

For a detailed specification sheet, visit our website 👉 https://lnkd.in/dRKbvpdn

Since December 2023, La Rochette Cartonboard has been REDII certified. ✅
REDII is a European directive that promotes the use of energy produced from renewable resources, in particular the sustainability of the forest biomass used.

With this in mind, all the biomass used to power our biomass boiler rigorously complies with strict criteria designed to guarantee the sustainability of this energy resource.

La Rochette Cartonboard continues to affirm its commitment to sustainable development! 🌳 🌍

🌲 Wood is an essential element in the composition of our cartonboard: it’s our main raw material! Our wood supply is managed within the framework of sustainable forest management.

As an integrated mill, we produce our mechanical pulp on site. This pulp is made from local softwood species such as fir, spruce and douglas fir. It is made from wood chips, also known as sawmill by-products.

These chips are collected from local sawmills within an average 100 km distance of the plant, 95% of which come from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. 🚛

We also use bark, the main combustible for our biomass boiler.

This collaboration with local sawmillers and players in the wood industry has been going on for over 35 years, and is part of a circular, sustainable economy that is 100% Made In France!


The RochXpress service arrives in Spain!


RochXpress is our new fast format cutting and delivery service initially destined for Spain, designed to meet the needs of our customers. 🚚 🇪🇸

✅ Orders over 500 kg
– Our express service, from 500 kg order, ensures a fast and efficient solution for our customers’ virgin fibre-based folding carton needs.

✅ Delivery within 6 days

– We understand the importance of speed in projects. With RochXpress, it’s possible to receive die-cut formats in record time, with guaranteed delivery within 6 working days.

✅ Available with our Rochcoat 250/275/300g* product

– RochXpress is compatible with our Rochcoat product range, including 250g, 275g and 300g variants. Our customers benefit from the quality and versatility of this product with express delivery.

🌐 We look forward to strengthening our partnership with our Spanish customers and making their projects even easier with this service!

For more information about Rochcoat 👉 https://larochette-cartonboard.com/fr/marche-de-lagroalimentaire/

To place your first RochXpress order 👉 rochxpress@larochette-cartonboard.com

*This service operates on the basis of a dedicated quantity per production programme. Weights and quantities subject to availability.


On Friday, February the 2nd, we welcomed Marie Dauchy, a French Member of the European Parliament who sits on the Industry, Research and Energy Committee and is also a local politician in Savoie, for a tour of our plant.

Her visit, led by Christophe Lloret Linares, Managing Director, was an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics, including our company’s future projects, and the specific issues and concerns of our business sector. 🏭🌲

Thank you to Ms Dauchy for her interest in our company and the paper / board industry!

Sharing experiences with the Vicat Group in the field of safety at work!

At La Rochette Cartonboard, safety is our priority. That’s why, on Wednesday 31 January, we welcomed the Vicat team to share experiences and best practice on safety at work.

Vicat, which includes Papeteries de Vizille, has implemented corrective measures to combat accidents.
Last October, we also visited their facilities.

Many thanks to Vicat for this collaboration!