Quality of Life and Working Conditions Week


From 3 to 7 July, La Rochette Cartonboard organised a week dedicated to quality of life and working conditions, with the 5 senses as the central theme. Each day, we offered an activity highlighting one of these senses, with the chance to win related prizes!

On the programme:

– A workshop on eyestrain led by our nurse, providing advice on how to maintain employees’ visual health
– Seated massages given by a professional: Salimata LACROIX from Murmures d’Anges
– A yoga session led by our QHSEE Regulations and Management Manager, Carole FORCET.
– A playful approach to the issue of noise, thanks to a training session led by a Cotral technician
– Communications on the importance of nutrition by organising a competition entitled “The strawberry recipe”. A fun and tasty way to promote healthy eating habits within our company.
– Hosting the Chez Fab foodtruck to bring employees together for a home-cooked, local meal!

A week dedicated to well-being at work and conviviality!

Many thanks 🙏 to all the activity leaders!