📘✨ To mark the official release of the book, we organised a launch party on 18 April 2024 at the Médiathèque in La Rochette. Christophe Lloret Linares and Jean-Bernard Dutrieux gave speeches highlighting the importance of this anniversary and expressed their gratitude to the many internal / external contributors.

🎙️ We were honoured to welcome speeches from Emilie Bonnivard, Member of Parliament for Savoie, Jacky Donjon, Deputy Mayor of La Rochette, Jean-François Duc and Stéphane Duparc, Vice-Chairmen of the Communauté de Communes Cœur de Savoie, as well as Roland Magdinier, former Secretary of the Comité Social et Économique in 1985, Maître Rebut, the liquidator who enabled Cascades to take over the company in 1985, and Robert Franck, a descendant of the company’s founders and a former manager.

We were delighted to welcome Jacky Bozet, a former member of the Comité d’Entreprise, who played a key role in the Cascades takeover.

An English version will be available in 2024. 📖

📢 📚 Our anniversary book is now available!

This book retraces the history of our company from its modest beginnings in 1873 to its current status as a historic local player committed to sustainable development.
A true inter-generational link thanks to the testimonies of former and current cardboard makers, this book is intended to be educational, describing the behind-the-scenes workings of cardboard manufacture. It highlights the unique expertise of 300 men and women who work every day to produce high-quality, environmentally-friendly cardboard that is proudly Made In France.

You can now consult it on our website or borrow it from the Valgelon-La Rochette media library. 🌐📖

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this project a reality. 🙌

An English version will be available during 2024!

On Thursday 11 April, we took part in the Job Dating event organised by the Lycée Gaspard Monge in Chambéry.

The aim of this initiative was to present our company to the younger generation and to meet applicants for apprenticeships in BTS Mechanics and Boilermaking, with a view to opening up work-linked positions from September 2024.

We were delighted to be able to talk to the future students about career opportunities within our company.

Thank you to the Lycée Gaspard Monge for hosting and organising this event! 🙌

📣 🚀 The following work-linked training opportunities are currently available in our maintenance department for the start of the new academic year in September 2024:

– Mechanic

– Boilermaker

– Electrician

To find out more and submit your application 👉 https://lnkd.in/d35RiVgW

On Tuesday 9 April, we were delighted to welcome 10 BAC STMG students from the Lycée Pierre du Terrail in Pontcharra for a tour of our plant.

During this meeting, we had the opportunity to present our company, our production process and our sustainable development strategy to the students, as well as addressing the issues associated with human resources, health and safety at work, and communication. This presentation was adapted to their Human Resources and Communications programme.

We are convinced that introducing the younger generation to the paper and board industry is essential for the future of our industry.

A big thank you to all the students from Lycée Pierre du Terrail for their interest and curiosity! 🙌

Christophe Lloret Linares, Managing Director of La Rochette Cartonboard SAS, appeared on “L’invité d’ETI Radio”, a programme presented by Alain Marty, Editorial Director of BtoBRadio, where every week the directors of mid-sized companies talk about their career paths and their views on the major challenges facing French mid-sized companies.

To listen to the podcast, click HERE 👇


Did you know? 🔵 ⚪ 🔴

After presenting the Rochfreeze in Febuary, this month we’re spotlighting the Rochperle. 💧
“Roch” refers to La Rochette, the place where it’s manufactured, in the heart of the Alps, while “Blanc” emphasises its higher whiteness on the reverse!

What are its characteristics?

✅ A folding boxboard (FBB) coated on one side with a white back side – GC1.
✅ A higher whiteness on the back side for visual appeal.
✅ Designed for all kinds of packaging uses.
✅ Suitable for direct food contact and neutral taste in the Robinson test.
✅ Has all the properties needed to guarantee excellent printing and varnishing quality.
✅ Suitable for inkjet and laser coding.