Installation of a Turbo Blower

As part of our strategy to reduce our CO2 emissions by 30% by 2023, we have been working with Engie Solution France to install a Turbo Blower to create the vacuum on our Machine 2.

This Turbo Blower, owned and operated by ENGIE Solutions France, offers considerable energy savings, using motor instead of 8! We will also recover the calories generated to heat the water in our boiler.

💡 🏗️ A hoisting operation was required to transport the chassis fitted with the engine, gearbox and turbine. A 450-tonne crane was used to lift 12 tonnes to a span of 60 metres: an impressive job!

🌍 Once again, at La Rochette Cartonboard, we’re innovating in the service of both cardboard and the environment.

Who says it’s easy to manufacture folding box board ?

General contractor: ENGIE Solutions France
Crane operator: Mediaco