From April 25 to May 22, 2023, find nearly 700 photographs exhibited at the media library of Valgelon-La-Rochette retracing 150 years of emblematic history of our cardboard factory and its territorial anchoring.

You will be able to see unpublished archive images of the town, our factory and the manufacture of cardboard. 📷

This photo exhibition is a real Savoyard cultural event not to be missed!

Thanks to the Valgelon-La-Rochette media library, especially to Christine Girard and her team, who without them, we would not have been able to exhibit 150 years of history in the service of cardboard 🙌
Thanks also to René Collomb from Bien Vivre en Val Gelon
Finally, thanks to Jacky Donjon, deputy mayor of La Rochette

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Celebrating 150 years! 🎉

💬 “From one century to another, the factory buildings, from the wood supply to the shipping of the cardboard reels, reflect this long journey through time. [The large chimney, emblematic of the Rochettois site, is the privileged witness of this economic lung of the Val Gelon.

A big thank you to Brigitte Mauraz of the Dauphiné Libéré for her article on our 150th anniversary, which also announces our new cultural event: a photo exhibition from 25 to 22 May at the La Rochette media library!

Our article Article le DL 6 – 04👉

💬 “With 150,000 tonnes of cardboard produced per year, La Rochette Cartonboard has found its cruising speed. This does not prevent it from thinking about innovations, such as fat barrier packaging for frozen foods, for example. The ban on plastic in the food industry is an opportunity for our products.

Virginie TRIN from La Vie Nouvelle magazine came to meet Christophe Lloret Linares, Managing Director of La Rochette Cartonboard to discuss the competitive advantages and ambitious environmental projects of the site.

To find out more 👉 Article la vie nouvelle CLL 2023_pour com