Did you know ? The Rochblanc

Did you know? 🔵 ⚪ 🔴

After presenting the Rochfreeze in Febuary, this month we’re spotlighting the Rochperle. 💧
“Roch” refers to La Rochette, the place where it’s manufactured, in the heart of the Alps, while “Blanc” emphasises its higher whiteness on the reverse!

What are its characteristics?

✅ A folding boxboard (FBB) coated on one side with a white back side – GC1.
✅ A higher whiteness on the back side for visual appeal.
✅ Designed for all kinds of packaging uses.
✅ Suitable for direct food contact and neutral taste in the Robinson test.
✅ Has all the properties needed to guarantee excellent printing and varnishing quality.
✅ Suitable for inkjet and laser coding.