World Water Day!

🌍 💧 Today is World Water Day!

It’s a resource that deserves our attention and protection because it’s vital. Alongside wood, it is our main raw material.

Given the increasing scarcity of this resource, exacerbated by recurrent droughts in France in both summer and winter, we consider water conservation to be one of the main challenges of our environmental policy.
In this context, our objective is to reduce our water consumption by 15% by 2025. To achieve this, we have drawn up a Water Sobriety Plan, the main lever for which is the reuse of treated wastewater. Since 2022, we have set up a system to inject treated water from our wastewater treatment plant to replace some of the fresh water used by one of our machines.

✅ By 2023, we have reduced our water consumption by 10%.

As an accountable company, we believe that every gesture counts when it comes to preserving water, and we are aware of our role in protecting it. That’s why our factory is ISO 50 001 certified, which validates our actions in terms of energy management and efficiency.

Every gesture counts! 🌊

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