Professional development at La Rochette Cartonboard

At La Rochette Cartonboard, we firmly believe in the importance of ongoing professional development for our employees. That’s why we offer a wide range of training opportunities throughout their careers:

– Regulatory training: In 2023, 224 of our employees were trained to obtain the necessary permits to drive forklifts, site machinery and use bridges to ensure their safety on a daily basis. 🔧

– Non-regulatory training: We also support the development of skills to encourage career progression. In 2023, 84 of our employees took these training courses. 📈

– Specialised training: We call on regional partners.

– In-house trainers: We have chosen to involve our employees as in-house trainers. Thanks to them, 83 employees were trained to drive a variety of machinery last year. 👥

Would you like to join us and benefit from these training opportunities?
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