Collaboration with the Fibr’Etik association

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of our company, in 2023 we installed covers on the front of our administration building.

♻️ To give them a second life, we worked with the Fibr’Ethik association in Saint-Pierre-d’Albiny. Rather than incinerating them, Fibr’Ethik transformed our covers into tote bags in its eco-leather workshop. These unique creations are made by employees who live in the Coeur de Savoie area, who are far from employment and are retraining to regain their confidence and access the job market.

🎁 These tote bags are destined to become gifts for our employees and customers at events or physical meetings.

🇫🇷 We are proud to have created this social and solidarity-based project, 100% Made in France!

Thank you to Fibr’Etick for this collaboration. Find out more about their work here 👉