Renewal of our ISO 50 001 certification

La Rochette Cartonboard successfully renewed its ISO 50 001 certification at the start of 2024: this standard aims to implement an energy management system (EMS) to reduce our energy consumption and have a positive impact on our carbon footprint.🌍

The audit at the beginning of 2024 was carried out in conjunction with the ISO 9001 audit, for the first time in the history of the site’s certifications: a great success with the joint renewal of these 2 ISO certifications to the satisfaction of our stakeholders!

This renewal of our ISO 50 001 certification recognises our ongoing commitment to improving our energy performance. We self-produce part of the electricity we consume thanks to our biomass boiler, and we are continuing our studies and reflections with the aim of moving towards more efficient and less energy-consuming technologies.

Our teams are working hard to target projects aimed at improving energy performance. These projects include, for example, a change in vacuum pump technology and the construction of a photovoltaic farm in the immediate proximity of the site in the very near future.

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