💬 “These 150 years are a positive parenthesis for opening up to others and rediscovering a spirit of cohesion. It’s also a way of raising the factory’s profile, restoring industry to its former glory, highlighting our trades and our social and environmental management.” Jean Bernard Dutrieux

💬 “La Rochette Cartonboard, which has been serving the cardboard industry since 1873, is taking the opportunity to celebrate its anniversary by showcasing its business through various events. […] The first cardboard mill to have had a biomass boiler, it mainly uses wood chips from local sawmills as raw material, thus favoring short circuits and reducing its carbon footprint. La Rochette Cartonboard regularly invests to improve its equipment.” GraphiLine, Packaging / Label section

Thanks to Brigitte Mauraz of the Dauphiné Libéré for writing this article on our 150th anniversary.

Thanks to GraphiLine, the daily newspaper for the Graphic Industries, for this article about our 150th anniversary celebration and our strong environmental commitment!

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