Opening of Le Cèdre on Saturday 14 October

On Saturday 14 October, together with the Mayor of Valgelon La Rochette, David Ates, Deputy Mayor Jacky Donjon and our Managing Director, Christophe Lloret Linares, we had the pleasure of inaugurating the Cedar sculpture in the Place Albert-Rey.

Two sculptors, Frédéric Nobili and Jean Bergeron, worked on this project, bringing to life the raw wood that forms the structure of the work and symbolises the basic raw material of our cardboard. They also sculpted reels and sheets of cardboard, our finished product. The sculpture ends with the Château de La Rochette overlooking the town.

This work symbolises the ties that have united our company and the town for 150 years. It is a testament to our local roots and our commitment, as a corporate citizen, to enhancing the attractiveness of the Commune, while at the same time highlighting our French expertise and our history.

The history of the factory is inseparable from that of Valgelon-La Rochette. We are therefore keen to create opportunities for the general public to share in celebrating France’s industrial heritage.