La Rochette Cartonboard is a member of the French Fab

What is the French Fab?

The French Fab embodies the companies, economic players, institutions and industrial sites located in France that recognise their desire to develop French industry.

French Fab has profound ambitions for the French industrial fabric:

Accelerate the transformation of industry in France by spreading the concepts and technologies of the Industry of the Future.
Network the energies of French industrial players.
To give visibility and pride to the actors who make French industry every day, to French industrial excellence, in France and abroad.
To embody the prosperous future of French industry and the attractiveness of the professions that make it up, from training (initial, professional or continuing) to employment.
To provide information on the public support available for industrial activities in France.


Why are we members of the French Fab?

We are members because we are part of the industrial companies that produce in France, that are firmly rooted in the region, that create jobs, that are ambitious, innovative and open to the changes brought about by digital technology, new technologies and the green economy, and that have the capacity to reinvent themselves.