Quality & Development Technician

Mission of the function

His/her main mission is to ensure the conformity of the cardboard leaving the factory according to customer requirements (compliance with standards, contractual characteristics and suitability for printing/converting). He/she will suggest ways of improving and will also participate in development through laboratory studies and industrial tests.

Functional links


  • All departments in the factory


  • Suppliers
  • External analysis laboratories

Responsibilities / key activities of the function

  • Monitor the quality of machine output and processing
  • Review of daily production: visual surveillance, checks on characteristics, ensuring that defects are eliminated.
  • Identify deviations, alert the departments concerned: propose and carry out additional suitable tests and propose improvements if necessary.
  • Controlling the loss of characteristics of the board during the cutting and converting process (factory exit, ready to be sent to the customer). Regular sampling, measurement and analysis of results. Identify deviations and propose improvements accordingly.
  • Ensure the suitability of the board for printing and converting at the customer’s premises
  • Carry out printability, gluing and other tests.
  • To be the driving force behind the creation and adaptation of tests and the establishment of tolerances
  • To establish, in relation with the pulp division, the machines and the coating department, actions allowing the correction and prevention of the drifts of these tests. Suggest improvements to operating procedures and tests where necessary.
  • Be able to ensure 1st level maintenance of measuring equipment (Autoline, benchtop equipment)
  • Ensure the recording of calibration certificates for measuring equipment for ISO 9001 audits, as well as the carrying out of comparative tests between the various devices
  • Ensure that our cartons comply with the applicable standards
  • Carrying out taste and odor tests (Robinson test) as well as any other test necessary to ensure the compliance of our cartons with applicable regulations and standards.
  • To analyze and research the origin of deviations in relation to UP, crushing, machines and the kitchen.
  • To be the reference on the management of tests with external laboratories (DA, follow-ups, analysis of reports and archiving).
  • Maintain our supplier certificates up to date

Participate in development

  • Carry out laboratory studies. Analyze them and make proposals on the direction to be taken.
  • Participate in the performance of industrial tests
  • Carry out the tests deemed relevant to the modification, and provide qualitative conclusions

Level of responsibilities

  • Is responsible for ensuring that the board is suitable for printing and converting at the customer’s premises,
  • Is responsible for ensuring the compliance of the board with the contractual standards defined on the specification sheets and board certificates.

Skills required

Technical skills :

  • Knowledge of board manufacturing
  • Knowledge of printability and gluing tests and their interpretation,
  • Knowledge of customer specifications
  • Knowledge of the customer’s business
  • Computer skills (Word, Excel)

Behavioral skills :

  • Respect for safety rules and procedures
  • Team spirit
  • Strong sense of organization
  • Thoroughness
  • Ability to summarize
  • Strong communication skills