Quality & Development Engineer

Mission of the position

Within the framework of the industrial strategy of La Rochette Cartonboard SAS, the jobholder is in charge of monitoring the process that has an impact on product quality. He/she is the link between production and customer quality, and participates in decision-making on batch release and action plans on internal or external quality issues. The incumbent also works on product development and industrial testing.

He/she is responsible for the department’s decision-making on quality issues in the absence of the Quality, Development & Customer Relations Manager.

Functional links


  • Quality Department
  • Pulp manufacturing
  • Carton Manufacturing
  • Transformation
  • Planning & Logistics Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Quality Management

External :

  • Customers / end users
  • Subcontractors, suppliers
  • Responsibilities / Key activities of the function

Quality / Process

1) Daily factory quality review and control

  • Supervise and assist in the daily quality review: additional quality control required, release or blocking of batches according to non-quality, coordination of the Quality Controller and Quality Technician, management of customer assignments in tandem with logistics and customer relations.
  • Communication with the production departments concerned: attendance at daily production meetings, reporting of defects and assistance in identifying them (maintenance of defect library, quality improvement project, etc.).
  • Training and support for operators: revision of operating procedures, training of operators if necessary, etc.

2) Action plan and quality issues 

  • Identify deviations, degradation or improvement in the quality characteristics of the board: monitoring of reports, measurement trends, spontaneous analysis of deviations.
  • Following the identification of work areas: participation or even animation of dedicated work groups on identified quality issues (internal or external feedback).
  • Creation/implementation of complementary analysis and tests if necessary on specific issues (e.g. analysis of Morfi data, etc.).

3) Monitoring and surveillance

  • Follow the evolution of the characteristics of the pulp, the cardboard and the transformation sector and participate with the sector managers in the associated action plans.
  • Follow up technological developments in relation to product and customer issues.
  • Maintain the frequency of external tests associated with compliance with customer requirements (qualitative and normative).

4) Control of measurement tools

  • Ensure the follow-up and 1st level maintenance of the automatic test bench
  • To know and improve the existing quality tests
  • Participate in the piloting, management and implementation of industrial IT systems if necessary
  • Contribute to the technological watch linked to standards and customer requests.

Innovation / Product Development

  • Manage industrial tests linked to market developments and customer requests: logistical management of the test, follow-up and management on the machine and analysis of the results.
  • Manage product-related tests (development, costs, product evolutions)
  • Participate in the definition and adaptation of manufacturing processes for new products.
  • Work in close collaboration with the production and quality teams and customers for development projects.

Other missions (back-up)

  • Ensure the management and processing of complaints and customer responses in the absence of the TCS (ad hoc)
  • Ensure the department’s decision making on quality issues in the absence of the Quality, Development & Customer Relations Manager.

Level of responsibilities

  • Alerting, identifying the causes of non-quality or drift
  • In the long term, decide on internal non-quality
  • Manage tests to improve cardboard quality
  • Participate in development projects
  • Ensure general management on-call duty

Skills required

Technical skills :

  • Knowledge of the cardboard manufacturing process, chemistry
  • Knowledge of printing and converting techniques
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Master Excel (advanced level), Word and PowerPoint

People skills :

  • Good analytical skills and be synthetic
  • Strong interpersonal skills, human contact and communication skills: know how to manage relationships in cross-functional management.
  • Be organized, methodical and autonomous