Production operator transformation

Production operator transformation (sheeting driver support)

Mission of the position:

He assists the sheeting driver support in all tasks related to the operation of the equipment.

Responsibilities / key activities of the function

  • Assists the sheeting driver in loading the sheet
  • Performs a visual inspection of the master reel and enters its identification into the computer system
  • Prepares the reel and the gluing
  • Supplies the slitter with pallets corresponding to the order and weighs a pallet in order to transmit the tare to the slitter.
  • Feeds the reels from the AGVs
  • Feeds the bases necessary for the sheeting driving of the work orders.
  • Identifies the bundles for return to stock (E5) and handles them.
  • Evacuates the waste baskets, coils and formats as well as the baskets of cores
  • Ensures the sorting of cores according to the rules in force
  • Ensures the cleanliness of his cutting machine and his working environment
  • Works in conjunction with the sheeting driver for optimal efficiency of the sheeting driver
  • Replaces the sheeting driver during the snack time in order not to stop the equipment
  • Occupies the sheeting driver’s position regularly to maintain multi-skilling
  • Tidy up the stock of girl coils
  • Handles the coils on the cart in case of AGV breakdown
  • Is available for the workshop in case of incidents on the common equipment
  • Be aware of the site’s energy policy within the framework of ISO 50001

Important: Refer to the operating procedures and memos for a more precise description of the tasks

Level of responsibilities

  • Notifies the sheeting driver and foreman of any anomalies in the quality of the board, pallets or problems encountered
  • Works in safety

Required skills

Technical skills

  • Knowledge of the different defects of the cardboard
  • Internal authorization to drive a forklift <6 t (Cat n° 3)
  • Internal authorization to drive a forklift (Cat n°1)
  • Internal authorization to drive a bridge crane
  • Knowledge of the operating modes

Behavioral competencies

  • Team spirit/respect for others
  • Communication skills
  • Respect for safety rules and procedures